[K. Pelikan] Baselj

is an artist and designer from the East Coast of the USA.

Interested in:
✷ landscapes
✷ ecology
✷ narratives
✷ hopeful futures

Working in:
graphic design

with a critical eye
and a curious mind.

Side project:
Pelikan Print Co.

VCU College of Humanities and Sciences, Annual Report (2021)

Under the direction of Karnes Coffey Design

Each year, the College of Humanities and Sciences at Virginia Commonwealth University publishes an annual report: featuring students, professors, and departmental accomplishments.

This year, we proposed an illustrated theme to add some warmth to the information-heavy spreads. It contrasted previous years focusing on photography and graphic shapes.

I was excited to create original illustrations to represent the rich variety of majors within Humanities and Sciences, which appear on the cover and are incorporated throughout the publication.

The layout was also given a colorblock treatment for a fresh and vibrant look.
Editorial design & illustration