[K. Pelikan] Baselj

is an artist and designer from the East Coast of the USA.

Interested in:
✷ landscapes
✷ ecology
✷ narratives
✷ hopeful futures

Working in:
graphic design

with a critical eye
and a curious mind.

Side project:
Pelikan Print Co.

Born in Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Formerly based in the Hague, the Netherlands
Now based in Richmond, Virginia, USA

BFA in Graphic Design from Virginia Commonwealth University, School of the Arts - Class of ‘17

MFA in Non Linear Narrative from the Royal Academy of Art, the Hague, the Netherlands (KABK) - Class of ‘21

[…Non Linear Narrative is a two-year master’s programme that merges investigative methods of journalism and forensics with processing technologies of computer science and visual art. There is a growing need for socially involved, broadly oriented designers. The Non Linear Narrative master's programme will teach students new ways of telling stories and, therefore, asking the news to take position vis-à-vis the graphic design discipline.]

+ Santa Reparata International School of Art (2015) in Florence, Italy

  • The Ventriloquist Summerschool (2016) in Oslo, Norway
  • MAD Summerschool (2018) in Sigulda, Latvia

Le Signe / Biennale internationale de design graphique (2021) in Chaumont, France
Dutch Design Week (2021) in Eindhoven, the Netherlands
IABR / International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (2021) in Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Het HEM (2021) in Hembrug, the Netherlands

Featured in:
DDW Magazine (2021) - “Reshaping the Planet”
Mister Motley (2021) 
MOO Print Company

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